DVD Profiler

3.9.1 (Build 1657)

All the information of a DVD universe online!


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DVD profile is an impressive database of movies in DVD format that is maintained by the program's users to catalog a movie collection.

The program, once installed, will connect with the IVS database, which contains more extensive information about movies in this format.

The database is expanded and corrected by those practiced at this art. This way you will be able to find information about any movie and even access other's reviews.

Do you want to catalog your collection as well? It's very simple: insert the disk into the computer and the program will fill in its details: title, deliveries, production, format, region, etc.

You will be able to print lists and search results from the program itself or find different versions of your DVDs. This is an indispensable tool for the movie buff, free and complete translated into Spanish

All the functions are available as long as the collection does not exceed 50 discs.

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